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For Tank Cleaning, Choose Central Alberta’s Lacombe Septic Service Inc.

Lacombe Septic Service Inc. is a family owned and operated vacuum truck business serving central Alberta since 1995. Through thick and thin and a couple recessions, owner and operator James Dodd has been helping a wide variety of clients in the Lacombe, Ponoka and Red Deer counties ensure that their septic tanks are running smoothly through prompt and reliable service.

Cleaning Your Tanks

We have two trucks that carry fresh water to your property to clean septic tanks, port-a-potties, RV sani-flush and industrial plants. From family farms to restaurants, from cottages to oil fields, from campgrounds to homes with acreages, we serve industrial, commercial and residential properties throughout the area. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

How Often Should My Septic Tank Be Cleaned?

It depends on the size of your family. If you’re a household of four or less people, we suggest having your septic tank cleaned every two years. If you have more people in your household (or if you own a business), then you should have your tank cleaned annually. If your septic tank is due for a cleaning, call Lacombe Septic Service today!

Service Area

  • Lacombe County
  • Ponoka County
  • Red Deer County
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